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Terese Colling at 7111 Wolf Den Road, Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039
Telephone: (202) 347-8000 Facsimile: (202) 315-2598
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Reservation Form Terese Colling (202) 347-8000

Rental Rate Chart

In Season
(Dec. 16-Apr. 14)
Off Season
(Apr. 15-Dec. 15)

Weekly $4000 for 8 people
$3600 for 6 people
$3000 for 4 people
$2500 for 2 people
$3500 for 8 people
$3000 for 6 people
$2800 for 4 people
$2100 for 2 people

A 50% deposit is required before your reservation can be confirmed. The remaining 50% is due six weeks prior to arrival. Check-in is at 3:00 PM, check-out is noon. We are flexible on this if the house is vacant but this must be approved in advance. With 45 days cancellation full refund will be issued. We do not worry about booking Saturday to Saturday because we don't want the house rented each week. Just call us or use our online form and give us your dates and we will try to accommodate you. Most of our renters are repeat guests - so many of you have almost become like family! We really like that.

Cleaning fee of $100.00 plus 10% tax will be added to your final bill.
Weekly rentals are for seven nights.
Second Week receive a 10% discount
Third Week and Successive Weeks Receive a 15% Discount
Maid Service is provided at the end of each week.
Mid-week Maid Service is available for $75 per visit.

Airline Travel Basics

Click here for Free Wholesale Airfare Quotes from CVOA

Airline fares and schedules change all the time, so use the following information as a guide, but check it out.

These two sources often have the best airfares:

American Airlines, US Airways and Delta Airlines also serve St. Croix. If you are using mileage, it only costs 30,000 miles around trip.

Delta has a daily direct flight from Atlanta to the US Virgin Islands. US Airways has non-stop flights from Charlotte, NC to STX on Saturdays. Other flights go through Miami. We like to fly from Dulles Airport to San Juan and then take the 50-passenger American Eagle to STX (a 40 minute flight).

But check for the latest information as schedules often vary with the season.


  • U.S. citizens need passports to travel to St. Croix and the U.S. Virgin Islands, effective January 7, 2007.

  • When departing St.Croix, arrive at the airport about 1½ hours before the plane is scheduled to leave because there are procedures on leaving that you did not have to deal with coming in. (See: “Immigration” below.)

Rental Cars

St. Croix airport has all of the national agencies, but we use Centerline Rentals at 1-888-288-8755. We’ve found they have the best prices. They meet you at the airport and drive you a short distance to get your car. Because they are not permitted to bring cars to the airport premises – thus paying no lease fee – their rates are lower. They are very reputable and this way you don’t have to wait in a line to get your Avis, Hertz or whatever. On departure just leave the car – locked – in the airport parking lot. Sweet. Tell them Terese sent you.

To rent a car, you need to be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. If more than one adult will be driving the car, all need to show drivers licenses. Ask about the information they require when you book the rental. Then you can fax them the information for all drivers and save hassle when you arrive.

Note: They drive on the left side of the road in St. Croix. You’ll get used to it quickly and by the time you leave, it will seem natural. You will have to “learn” to drive on the right again when you get home.

Property Manager

Marti Gotts is our property manager. If you need anything, call (340) 778-0361 or (877) 788-0361

The Islander’s Phone Number – (340) 773-8901
We suggest you jot it down on a slip of paper and stick it in your wallet. It is not unusual to be away and want to call the folks left at the villa. (“I’m at the store, honey. Do we need milk?”)


We use Margaret Welch: 340-692-0237
$10 per hour and provides her own transportation.

Medical Care

Our doctors are Dr. Gibbs or Dr. Prasad at 4000 Beeston Hill Medical Building, Suite l. (340) 778-7788. The Center is just a little to the west of Christiansted. You pass it driving in from the airport.

Other Information

Currency: As a U.S territory, St. Croix uses U. S. Currency. Travelers checks and credit cards are widely accepted. There is no sales tax.

Customs (also see Immigration):
There are no customs duties on tourism related items such as watches, cameras, fine jewelry, china, etc. St. Croix is truly a free port for visitors. There is no luxury tax or sales tax. And, being a part of the U. S., all U. S. citizens over the age of 21 are allowed a duty-free shopping quota of $1200.

You can also take home up to six bottles of liquor per person if you are over 21 and if one of those bottles is Cruzan Rum.

Drinking Age:
In St. Croix, the drinking age is 18. Amazing, isn’t it? Frankly, they don’t card any one so watch out for your 16/17 year olds! You can carry drinks down the street. Children can sit with the parents in bars. It is very relaxed about that sort of thing. Don’t let it go to your head.

This is Standard North American, 120 Volt/60 cycle power.

Gallows Bay for Groceries, Hardware, Post Office, DVD Rental, and more
You will find two grocery stores about midway on the road from Christiansted to the Buccaneer. Behind them is the small Gallows Bay commercial district where you will find an amazingly well stocked hardware store, a post office and a good DVD rental shop. There are other things there as well, including a great coffee shop. Check it out.

Immigration (also see Customs)
You will need official identification. A passport comes in very handy. If you don’t have one, a driver’s license will work. Birth certificates are good. Just be sure you have some credible ID. Here’s why. The Virgin Islands are a “port of entry” to mainland United States so while coming to the island is a snap, getting home requires you to “re-enter” the U. S. That means Immigration and Customs checks going home.

Non-U. S. citizens with a “green card” will need to show it upon leaving the territory. International visitors will probably be familiar with the routine.

There is a U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service office in St. Croix. Phone (340) 778-6559 or 778-1419.

They speak English with a delightful local lilt known as “calypso.”

You can purchase virtually anything on the island that you can on the mainland; it is just more expensive. There are supermarkets, shopping centers and two K-Marts.

Between The Islander and town (Christiansted) are two grocery stores with a moderately good selection of the usual things you will want, including bottled water. A bit expensive, so you’ll want to “stock-up” at a Supermarket. But these are really convenient for the inevitable quick stops you’ll make for a 6-pack or potato chips or Cherrios or ice or water or other.

It is OK to buy fresh seafood, veggies and fruit (try the mangoes) from the locals on the side of the road. The fish are very fresh and sometimes – if you get there early – you can buy island lobsters. They don’t have claws! Grill them on our gas grill.

We try very hard to keep the house stocked with seasonings, dishwasher soap, coffee filters, paper products and so forth so you shouldn’t have to buy those.

We have a No Pet policy.

Outdoors is the place to smoke. Go for it. Be we don’t permit smoking inside the house.

Time Zone:
The Virgin Islands are on Atlantic Standard Time – all year ‘round. That means it is one hour later than our Eastern Standard Time. But when the mainland is on Eastern Daylight Savings Time we have exactly the same times as St. Croix.

Our cistern is very clean and has the most modern filters. We recently installed a bottled water pump system for our new refrigerator so now the water and ice in the fridge are pure. Bottled water is readily available on the island as well. All of our water comes from rain, which is collected in a cistern beneath the house, or from our checkbook – we have to buy it and it is
expensive. So we would truly appreciate your conservation efforts. Showering with a buddy can be fun. And it is cheaper to drink rum. (Too bad you can’t shower in that.)