Other Activities and Information

There is literally nothing you need to bring to St. Croix except suntan lotion and swim suits. All linens and towels are provided. We have coolers and chairs for the beach. Maid service will clean the house after you leave. Alcohol is very cheap on the island; rum is $3.00 a bottle and other types of liquor are about $6.00 a bottle. The mixers cost more!! Each adult can take home 6 bottles of liquor as long as one of the bottles is the local Cruzan rum, which is excellent. Wine is relatively expensive. Sundries such as lotion etc. are also expensive.

There is a large TV served by satellite along with VCR and DVD players. The CD player is set up so you can switch the music outside to the colonnade. We have quite a few CDs and DVDs, but you may want to bring some CD/DVDs from home. You can rent DVDs as well.

Here are just some of the things you can find to do on this great, fun, exciting, beautiful Island. For more, check out …

Buccaneer Golf Course
The Pink Book aka “St.Croix This Week”
This is the most useful magazine even though “This Week” is a monthly. Always pink, it is loaded with useful information and is free and available everywhere. Check at the airport when you arrive. If you don’t find a copy, ask someone where to look.

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Buck Island on the Terroro II

Make your reservations as soon as you arrive on the island. This Catamaran can be seen from the Islander. Captain Heinz and his son Carl run by far the best trip to Buck Island. Make sure to take the day trip and call early for reservations with his wife Mary. Either make sandwiches or get them from the deli at Schooner Bay grocery store. They provide beverages. Try to go during the week so it won’t be as crowded on the island as it is on weekends. (But it is never really “crowded”.) Tell them Dennis and Terese referred you. Heinz is fabulous and quite a character--what a job! He will ask you if you want to snorkel outside the reef on an extended tour. You should definitely go. However, you can take the short tour, or you can stay on the boat and enjoy the beach later. He is one of the few charters that also stays on the Buck Island beach for two hours after snorkeling. Our daughter went when she was 6! Heinz is so safe and experienced and wonderful with kids and adults of all ages. You will never forget this trip. Paul is the first mate and a dear friend of ours. He is awesome – tip him well.
(340) 773-3161

The Boardwalk

Christiansted is be-decked (pun intended) with a wonderful new Boardwalk. The marvelous waterfront has a wide new walking dock that runs from Fort Christian all along the shore, past restaurants, businesses and an old sugar mill all the way out to Sea Plane dock. Rum Runners, Stixx, The Mix and The Brew Pub are all on the walk and several other excellent restaurants are within easy walking distance. There area benches, a gazebo and a camera near Rum Runners so jealous friends can see you live on the Internet. The Boardwalk will become your headquarters when you’re in town.

Crab Races

This is hysterical, cheap fun and everyone gets into the act. With or without kids it's such a wonderful "islander thing “ to do.

Get there a little early to select a hermit fast crab. (Pick the medium size or small ones because they are faster.) For $2 a crab you get to name your crab (they stick the name on the crab’s back with masking tape) and you get great odds.

The crabs run in four heats and in a final drink race. Prizes range from seaplane trips to St. Thomas, bottles of rum or ice cream. Little children are never left prizeless. Go cheer on your crab!! Sue and Tito run the races. Tell them Croix, Lisa and Blake (our kids) sent you! Blake’s crab “Beavis Truck” is Tito’s all time favorite name and has a long winning streak.

You can see them race at about 5 PM at:
• The Brew Pub (Mondays),
• Divi Carina Bay Resort (Wednesdays)
• Deep End Bar – (Friday) (Walking Distance)
Call first or check the Pink Book to confirm nights.

Cruzan Rum Factory Tour

This is not spectacular, but it is local and pleasant and they give you tastes.

Deep Sea Fishing

Lots of options from the marina behind our house and in Christiansted.

For the best private sport fishing experience call: Captain Carl Holley at 340-277-4042. He is located in Christiansted. Full and half day charters are available. You can also reach him at www.fishwithcarl.com

The Drinking Pig

Never saw a purple cow? Ever seen a drinking pig? Only on St. Croix. By Fredericksted in the rain forest you will find this phenomenon. You have never seen anything like it and it is absolutely hysterical even if pigs only drink non-alcoholic beer. You must go there when you are in the area. At night the place is a hot spot for locals but you will probably get lost and, besides, the pigs are asleep. So, go during the day and bring your camera. The place looks a little strange – i.e. scary – but it is perfectly fine.
Try a short “Mama Wamma” at the bar. Whew!

Golf Courses

We have two 18 hole courses, one is right next door at The Buccaneer (340) 773-2100 and the other out west at The Carambola Golf Club (340) 778-5638, the Robert Trent Jones course. Also close to the house is The Reef, a 9-hole course that is very rough but fun for kids.

Hotel on the Cay

Just hop on the ferry in town near the east end of the boardwalk to get to this hotel. Janner and Michelle are the owners. Kids love the beach. They have awesome fish & chips.


St. Croix is known for its 47 world-class dive sites!

Located in Christiansted, this place bills itself as "The friendliest dive shop on earth" and we agree. They visit more than 50 dive sites. They also offer children’s programs (kids can now dive as young as age 10), certifications and introductory dives daily. St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures, (SCUBA) (340) 773-5994 or (877) 567-1367 Ask for Ed or Molly. Tell them we sent you.
Website: www.stcroixscuba.com


Massage Therapist: 
Roslyn Turner 340-643-5513

Ros comes to the house and is a fantastic massage therapist and very kind woman. you will love her!

For the best pedicure/manicure on earth go into town for Mark’s Place
Mark Wade 1200 King Cross Street; Christiansted
Appointments only 340-690-3826

Point Udall

Visit the eastern most piece of United States territory. This is a secluded but impressive spot with a fascinating Millennium Monument. Named for former Interior Secretary Steward Udall, the point can be reached easily on a paved road with a number of sites (including a castle – we’re not kidding) along the way.

The Whim Plantation Museum

Sugar was the life’s blood of St. Croix for many years. That was a long time ago but the island is dotted with brick sugar mill ruins that held the wings of the windmills, which worked the sugar cane. These are lovely sentinels of the past because rarely are there any other artifacts about. But at the Whim you can visit the remains of a whole plantation with much of the machinery and many of the old preserved buildings. Tour the great house, which also serves as the museum, and see how the plantation owners lived. Hear a brief talk about the role sugar played in the history of the island.

The plantation is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday with an admission charge of $8 for adults, $4 for children 6 to 12 with a special rate of $5 for seniors (with ID) and groups of 10 or more. Children under 6 are free. Again, because of seasonal schedule changes, call ahead. (340) 772-0598

If you are looking for something different to do in addition to Buck Island, call Paul Cusin and go on a small boat excursion (2-3 person maximum) to all kinds of exciting places. He can take you snorkeling with the massive tarpon or to small reefs where the fish abound. Paul was born in STX; is a good friend of our family; and knows the island; reefs; and treasures like the back of his hand. Call him and tell him what you want to experience and he will deliver. Amazing wonderful guy. His cell is 340-244-1455. Tell him TC and Dennis sent you.