Places to Eat

Note: There are many good and great restaurants. There are many we haven't covered here. This list is where we go. Our preference is to eat outdoors so we are biased. We also favor fresh fish, local produce and ambiance is KEY. You may discover your own places and if you do let us know! Also, places change hands regularly. Hours change. Availability changes. We always call ahead to make sure they are open and in season we get reservations, and I am so food oriented I ask what all of their specials are for the night and then we decide where to go based on that. Remember, you are in the Caribbean so expect service etc. to be slow. They are in no hurry. Eventually you get used to that. Also remember that everyone, everywhere says: “good morning” “good afternoon” and “good night” (after 5:00). They say this to strangers when they pass on the street, to customers getting ready to place an order (even at the deli counter or the checkout). It is a lovely custom. Slow down and enjoy…and the effect of a “pain killer” (a rum drink) has a soothing effect as well. A group of once went on a search of the best pain killer on the island and after stopping at 10 places (we were not driving) we couldn't decide. They are all good!

Also Check:
... our quick-reference “Selected Guide.” On one page you get our shorthand ratings and –- importantly – telephone numbers with which to make reservations. We try to keep a copy of this near the phone at The Islander, but you might want to print out a copy.

... the Pink Magazine – properly called “This Week” – though it only comes out once a month – for maps and lots more information about current activities. It is available at the airport and around town.

TIP: Ask for directions when making reservations.
CLICK HERE FOR PDF Downloadable Restraunt Guide.
Christiansted | Gallows Bay Area | East End | Mid-Island | West End | Fredericksted

You will find that St. Croix is a truly laid back island with casual attire at all of the restaurants, even the finest. Call in advance to see if reservations are needed and to see what days the restaurants are open, because this is ever changing.

Other Food Information

Remember, you can purchase virtually anything on the island that you can on the “mainland” . It's just more expensive. We even have two K-Marts on the island, but you forget all of this when you come to our part of the island. The Islander is located on the east end where the combined serenity and beauty are at their best. We try very hard to keep the house stocked with seasonings, dishwasher soap, coffee filters, paper products etc. so you don't have to buy it. Also it's fine to buy seafood, veggies and fruit (try the mangoes) from the locals on the side of the road. The fish is very fresh and sometimes if you get there early you can pick up island lobsters. They don't have claws!. Grill them on the gas grill. Buy the bottled water for drinking, just to be on the safe side, although our cistern is very clean and has the most modern filters. All of our water on the island comes from the rain which is collected in cisterns underneath the house, so we would truly appreciate your conservation efforts, i.e. shower with a buddy. On the other hand it is cheaper to drink rum. Too bad you can't shower in it.


Alley Galley – 340-773-0030

This is a deli/liquor store with sandwiches, muffins, meats, salads, soups etc. Most importantly there is a walk up window for great pina coladas, beer etc. One block off the boardwalk on Strand Street in the Comanche Hotel.
Angry Nates – 340-692-6283
On the boardwalk with a nice view. We don't dine here—food isn't great but the location and view are. Lunch is ok. We don't like the name.
Avocado Pit – 340-773-9843
Almost on the boardwalk overlooking the harbor–tiny kind of hole in the wall place. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, ice cream etc. Very good. Box lunches available for Buck Island trip. Call ahead or order on the day.

Fort Christian Brew Pub – 340-713-9820

This is the world's smallest microbrewery—isn't that an oxymoron? At any rate this is pub food with a great view. Burgers, wings, soups, salads, etc. Good pina coladas. Sometimes the crab races are here. This is where young people flock at night. Often live entertainment.
Galangal – 340-773-0076
This place is fantastic—across from the fort. It has a magical feel to the cool interior, beautifully designed. Friendly owners Arthur and Greg make this one of our favorites with their great service and delicious Asian-fusion menu. They even gave us their recipe for Asian short ribs and we used it for the caterer for our 25th anniversary! We have never had a bad meal there. I liked it so much I even wrote a Trip Advisor review on them. Tell them TC and Dennis sent you! Reservations are a must in season. Moderately priced.

Savant – 340-713-8666

This is another favorite of ours just on the cusp of town next to the fort. It has a great feel about it—particularly the outdoor courtyard which is very cool. Lots of interesting fresh food, seafood, steaks, everything you could want on the menu. Sometimes we just sit at the bar in the courtyard—staff is great. Reservations are a must in season. Moderately expensive.

The Court Yard Restaurant – in town

Don't bother

Lalita – 340-719-4417

I love this place—it is a relaxing oasis with the most unique food. They specialize in Vegan and RAW/LIVE cuisine, delicious designer salads, sandwiches and live food entrees such as Jamaican Wild Rice, Coconut Pad Thai, Zucchini Fettuccini etc. They are also a great juice bar and they have wine! What could be better. I love the beet ravioli (just thin shaved beets not pasta) stuffed with cashew hummus. It is vegetarian so it's not for everyone. They also have a great yoga studio upstairs and walk-ins are welcome there. It's a very peaceful place and food is furnished by the many organic farmers on the island.

Kendricks Restaurant – 340-773-9199

This is another must go to restaurant and one of our favorites. I think Dave Kendrick is one of the best chefs on the island. It's expensive but worth it and the setting is lovely in a courtyard in town in an old Danish Great House. They also have an air conditioned room and a nice bar with a bar menu if you don't want the restaurant menu. The menu ranges from grilled rack of lamb, fresh fish, fillet mignon, pork tenderloin and great salads and soups. He always has great specials. If he ever has mahi or swordfish piccatta order it! Fantastic! I have tried to duplicate it but I can't quite get it right. Tell Jane (hostess/wife) and David we sent you. Reservations are a must in season. Expensive but worth it.

Luncheria – Mexican in Courtyard downtown.

This is a dive walk up with pretty good Mexican food while you are walking around town. It's a nice quiet courtyard and they are very friendly. Cheap. I think also cash only.

Paradise Café–aka “Tommy T's” – 340-773-2985

This is a little indoor local spot—we don't go there because we like to eat outdoors but the prices are very reasonable and they have huge breakfasts, lots of sandwiches etc. during the day and homemade soups. For dinner there is fresh fish and strip stake and fresh conch when available. Very friendly. You get the picture.

Christines in the Courtyard

If she is open go eat there for lunch. No credit cards. She is French and makes everything fresh each day and lists it on the chalk board. GREAT food. I would eat lunch there each day if I could. Her pate is fantastic and the wine pours are generous. Reasonable/cheap.

Dashi – 340-773-6911

This place does not advertise. They are located in town in the Caravelle Arcade. They are only open for dinner, but that could change. They have a sake bar and excellent sushi—the fish comes off the boats a block away and onto their sushi trays. Unbelievable. They also have other Asian noodle dishes, short ribs, soups and homemade desserts. Trip Advisor gives them 4 stars. Yelp a 4.5. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

Rum Runners on Boardwalk – 340-773-6585

In the Caravelle Hotel, on the boardwalk. This is a great spot. Very good food. They have a live lobster tank, lots of salads, great fish and chips, and lots of specials each day. We go there at least once for lunch. It is dependable. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Outdoor but covered. Great view. 4 star on Trip Advisor.

Gallows Bay Area
This is an area just outside of town where the post office and hardware store are. It is behind the Schooner Bay Grocery Store. The Grocery store is wonderful—so close to the house—with fresh baked breads, muffins, bagels all day long and a wonderful deli. This is where we get our sandwiches for Buck Island. They open early. It's more expensive than the huge grocery stores mid-island. You are paying for quality and location.

There is also a coffee shop/café in Gallows Bay across from the post office—the name changes—but the sandwiches, baked goods, and coffees are wonderful. Wi-fi provided free. It is next to a delightful small book store, Undercover Books with a great selection. Ask for their advice on books. They have directed us to some wonderful ones. In the same area there is also a high end meat/fish place where you can buy your own and cook. Around the corner is Jaccar Sorbet where they have organic and natural sorbet mostly with local fruits. Cash only. 340-719-6999.
East End
Tutto Benne's – 340-773-5229
Italian on left hand side just outside of the town heading east. Indoors. Upstairs. This is a local favorite and the food is VERY good. Lots of great pasta, steaks, seafood, specials etc. and very lively. We think it's a bit noisy inside but the food quality is very good and sometimes you just want to eat inside.
The Pickled Greek
We say no to this little restaurant on the road but others like it.
The Buccaneer Hotel – 340-712-2100
This is the hotel next door to us—we share the “first” entrance from the road. You must go to the Terrace for a drink—we do not eat there. But the view is spectacular and they often have live music. We do go down the Hill from there to the Mermaid, which offers casual beachside dining with sandwiches, burgers, salads etc. There is parking at the top for the Terrace and at the bottom for the Mermaid. The Mermaid is right on their lovely beach but it is covered which is nice. It is so relaxing down there and the food is fine, sometimes even good. The ambiance is GREAT.
Deep End Bar & Grill – 340-718-7071
This is the place you can walk to from our house. When facing the water walk down the long flight of stairs down behind the huge tree, around the fence, through the field, onto the side ride and walk left until you reach it. They have GREAT breakfasts and lunch and dinner isn't too bad either. The kids love going there on their own and they have crab races there once a week and often local live music and the view is to die for. We go there a few times when we are “on island”. We love their eggs benedict and breakfast burrito and their Bloody Mary's. They have something for everyone, including kids menu, and the kids love to hang out on the beach there and look for hermit crabs. You can rent beach chairs etc. from the grouch Jerry at the beach shack if you want to swim there. They have a snorkel trail that is marked with buoys that anyone can use. Beaches are all public. But if you want a chair they will charge you a small fee. There is a tide pool which makes it great for young children and there are lots of geckos.
Galleon – 340-718-9948
This is an expensive but very good restaurant that you could also walk to if you wanted because it is down at the Green Cay Marina behind the house—we tend to drive. They have a good Happy Hour and Sunday Brunch and are open 7 days a week for dinner. They have some very good food, like the Chateaubriand for two or fresh fish, lobster, and Caesar salad prepared tableside etc. They have lots of specials each night. They also have a nice piano bar. This is where the wealthy locals go and the people with the big boats at the Marina…and the staff is very nice and knowledgeable. The wine list is extensive and expensive. You can sit at the bar, listen to the piano and eat the great tuna tantalizer appetizer and be perfectly content.
Cheeseburgers in Paradise – 340-773-1119
East End—right on the road, great burgers, weird location, sometimes live music. All of the locals go there. We generally don't. Kids like it and there is a chalk area/play things for them. Bring bug spray or they also have it.
Chenay Bay Hotel – 340-718-2918
The name of their restaurant changes constantly and really I don't care who owns it or much about the food because the view and the location is FANTASTIC. It is right on a very quiet beach—the kids can play, the grownups can eat and drink, you can walk on the beach, the pina coladas and painkillers are great and there is often live music. Sometimes the food is also really pretty good but who cares? They often have “special” nights. The ambiance is pure Caribbean perfection. It is just past Cheeseburgers on the left hand side. Reasonably priced.
Duggans's Reef – 340-773-9800
We can't stand this place and if you look at them on the internet many others feel the same way but some people LOVE this place. We can't understand that. It is right on the water which is nice and its east so parking is easy but it is hot and sticky and expensive and the food is pedestrian (in our view). But again, some of our guests rave about the place. Each to his own.
Blue Water
No except to pick up their great fried chicken or their chicken or egg salad to go. We do not eat there.
Cultured Pelican – 340-773-3333
Nice view, all outdoors but covered, great brunch, sometimes pretty good dinner but it changes hands so often one never knows. Reasonably priced.
ACE Roti Shop – 340-719-7684
If you are way out east and pass a gas station there, connected to the gas station, you will find Ace Roti—some people say it is the best Roti they have ever had. They have Chicken, beef, goat, shrimp, fish. They also have excellent Caribbean food. Cash only and cheap. Call to make sure they are open.
Divi Carina Resort
Don't eat there but the Casino is hilarious—tiny tiny tiny but the only one in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In season they have nice live music.


Salud Bistro – 340-718-7900
In a shopping center, weird location, mid-island with great food and ambiance, interestingly. The cooking is very creative and they have great mojitos and martinis. It is indoor. They have lots of Southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North African flavors with lots of fresh local fish, duck, lamd and steaks. They also have Spanish specials and paella one night a week with live Spanish and classical guitar.
Cormorant Hotel — The Palms at Pelican Cove – 340-718-8920
This is a quaint, small hotel right on the beach. The restaurant has a wonderful view/location and simple food in large portions serving breakfast lunch and dinner with lots of specials and local cooking. We always go here at least once for breakfast or lunch. Reasonably priced. Kids love the beach while we eat. Nice bar also.

West End

The Waves at Cane Bay – 340-718-1815

This is without a doubt the most romantic restaurant on earth. The waves are literally crashing 10 feet from where you eat and the sunset is breathtaking. It is casually elegant with really fine contemporary cuisine. Someone knows what they are doing in that kitchen. They pick the lobsters from the water, literally, and have lots of specials each night. I hear Sunday Brunch is also excellent but have never been there. It's a 45 minute drive from the house—a gorgeous drive when it is light out and go when it's light out or you won't be able to figure out how to get there in the dark on the drive back. VERY windy roads. Go early and call for reservations—there aren't many tables.

Off The Wall – 340-778-4771

Right before The Waves it is literally a tiny hole in the wall on the water. Great drinks, great pizza, great for lunch or to lounge in the hammocks. A must see and do. Cheap and quirky and fun. Kids love climbing on the rocks. Sometimes they have live music. Trip Advisor gave it 4.5 it is on Route 80 (along the beach—gorgeous drive).

EAT at Cane Bay – 340-718-0360

Some people really love this place. They do have Reggae music generally at their brunch which we hear is quite good but it's a long way to go for brunch in our view and it has a very nice vibe and of course a great view/location. Lots of divers and locals go here. The food is good. It's right across from the beach and very casual. Burgers, hand-cut fries, pulled pork and briskey and kids menu. Fresh fish, lots of drinks and wine lists.


Nothing really worth mentioning except Polly's with sandwiches, salads, coffee, etc. They have an internet station with wifi. There are a few beach bars that are all kind of dives with great beach access and good drinks.