Being an island, St. Croix has dozens of beaches, different breaches, beaches for all kinds of activities. The Pink Book usually has a full page of them with individual descriptions.

Two of the loveliest are within walking distance of our home, Shoys Beach and the Tamarind Reef beach.

To Shoys, just go out our front door and walk or drive to the bottom of the hill. Where you would normally turn left to go into town, turn right. Drive to nearly the end of the road where you will see a parking lot on your left. You can leave your car there. Cross the parking lot to the left hand corner where you will find a lovely covered path that takes you quickly to a wonderful sandy beach. A car is nice if you are taking a lot of gear, but I take my coffee and walk to the beach almost every morning.

To Tamarind Reef Beach go down the steps to the right of our pool and cross the yard to the very large tree in the corner. There you will find the fence ends. Step around it and walk across the field to the road. Turn left and you get to the Tamarind Reef Hotel and beach, the Deep End Bar and tennis courts you can rent. Turn right and you will find the Galleon Restaurant.